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SOI Colour zone paint

SOI colour zone paint, the acronym SOI meaning Sons of Issachar, were highly gifted in their field without compare due to their discernment(the remarkable ability to know good and bad actions and decisions).We like the brand name also know the best decisions to make for your home decoration and to make our paint.

Our Product Range

At ColourZone Limited, we dont just offer paints But the best and high quality paint products because we understood perfectly well that it is only quality paint that gives you value for your money and can stand the test of time which ever building it is applied on, yet at very affordable prices.

Presented below, are some of our high quality paints which have been in use on countless number of buildings scattered accross the cities.

still in doubt about colourzone paint ?

Are you somehow still in doubt about colourzone paint, whether it is really of top quality and the paint that you need for your current or that your next building project? Doubt no more because at SOI ColourZone Limited, QUALITY is our watch word. To prove that to you, we have nicely packaged images of colourzone paints as applied on several buildings accross the nation.